Pediatric Wheelchair

Pediatric Wheelchair


Opportunity:  Transportation of disabled teenage children can be challenging, especially when using public transit.  We plan on designing a robust but collapsible wheelchair/stroller that can be carried on a bus (or put on the roof !).   This will be manufactured in Morocco by paraplegic adults.

Our contact is a retired couple living in Morocco who volunteer at a physical therapy clinic for children with cerebral palsy.

  • They’ve identified this stroller as a great aid for parents of disabled children.
  • The husband coaches a paraplegic basketball team.  The workplace will be designed for their employment.

Technical Need:  Design a robust stroller that can carry a child up to 110 lbs, and is easily collapsed for use on public transportation.  Production will use locally available materials when possible.  The cost target is $200.00, so materials will be from recycled products when possible.

HTB service:  recruit & help raise funds for Personnel Requirements:

  • Engineering Project Manager (EPM):  Experienced development engineer with project leadership capability and the ability to remotely lead a team of volunteer engineeers.  The EPM will begin the project by identifying local resources in Morocco and developing a working relationship with the project sponsor.  After gaining clarity on performance requirements and the skills of the target work-force, The EPM will return home to review feasibility, risks, and to identify the required engineering and manufacturing resources to design, build, and test a prototype.   They will provide oversight to the team through video conferencing and file sharing.   The deliverable for the project is a working prototype and manufacturing plans.
  • Mechanical Engineers (ME as required)
      • Students could use this opportunity to fulfill requirements for a semester long internship.
      • Retired engineers would be welcome to serve as EPM if they are able to travel and competent to lead a team remotely through video-conferencing and file sharing.
      • Professors with a focus on sustainability or other disciplines could serve as consultants.
  • Manufacturing Engineer (MfgE as required):   The work areas must be designed to provide a safe and productive workplace for paraplegic men to conduct most of the manufacturing operations.  Manual operations will be emphasized over automated production to maximize employment.  Initial quality measures will be implemented to decrease the cost of poor quality.  Travel to Morocco may be required to provide training.

Service Duration:  To be determined, as available.

  • Internships would have additional requirements according to terms agreed to with the University.

NOTE:  Our contact in Morocco shares our values and will help to facilitate relationship building to identify raw materials and other suppliers.

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