Banana Dehydration

Banana Dehydration


Opportunity:  An Indonesian economist has been charged with doing economic development in remote regions.  He has identified a region where bananas grow in abundance and identified two customers to use dried “banana bits” (i.e. raisin sized pieces of dried banana).  Our contact is looking for help recruiting engineers.

Technical Need:  Take a process proven on a small scale platform and develop it into an industrial scale device, capable of processing 500kg of peeled banana per day.  Operation of equipment will be in remote regions of Indonesia.

HTB service:  recruit & help raise funds for Personnel Requirements:

  • Engineering Project Manager (EPM):  Experienced development engineer with project leadership capability and the ability to coach a remote team.  The EPM will arrive onsite at or before the beginning of the project to bring clarity to the technical requirements, help identify local resources, and develop a project plan.  The deliverable for the project is a prototype system with full production capability (i.e. drying 500kg/day), and plans for local production of more systems.  If the EPM returns home for the remainder of the project they would maintain contact with the team through video-conferencing and file sharing.
  • Two Mechanical Engineers (students, professors, or retired):  The work is estimated to consist of 11 weeks or longer on site.
    • The mechanical system must be designed at full scale for drying 500kg of peeled banana per day, provide good reliability, and be serviceable in the field.  The deliverable is a full scale working prototype and plans for local production of more systems.
      • For students this could be designed to fulfill requirements for a semester long internship, or it could be divided between several teams of students for 2-4 weeks at a time.
      • Retired engineers would be welcome to serve as EPM and either remain on site or provide guidance through video-conferencing and file sharing.
      • Professors with a focus on sustainability or other discipline could serve as a consultant, either on-site or remotely.
  • One electrical engineer/technician:  The work is estimated to consist of 11 weeks on site.
    • The drying and kinematic processes will be electrically powered.  This essential member of the team must be able to design and test electronic systems to provide those functions, and then migrate their work into a production quality solution.  They would also assist with other engineering and procurement functions as available.

Service Duration:  As described above, the estimate is that this work may be completed in 11 weeks by a full team on-site in Indonesia.

  • Internships would have additional requirements according to terms agreed to with the University.
  • Non-internship participants can participate in the project over a shorter (2-3 week) period.

NOTE:  Our contact in Indonesia shares our values and will help to oversee that the workplace is safe and respectful.  They have already explained how this provides excellent economic opportunity to workers in Indonesia.

Our Mission:  Connecting engineers and technologists with projects in impoverished communities, creating excellent economic opportunities in safe and respectful workplaces.
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