The Hope’s Toolbox Logo

The bee symbolizes diligence and indefatigable effort.  It illustrates the values that drive success and flourishing.

The honeycomb uses the least material to create a lattice of cells within a given volume.  It is an example geometric efficiency.  It illustrates the value of good design that makes a product robust, reliable, and economical.

Together they illustrate the mission of Hope’s Toolbox.  We have great admiration for the diligence and determination of those who are willing to work with perseverance, especially in developing economies.  Hope’s Toolbox provides design services to create efficient, robust designs suited to the resources and needs of the local economy, multiplying the value added in the workplace, creating greater economic opportunity. 

By extension, the analogy of the beehive applies to our goal of working to create or empower business development.  In the context of a business we see great advantage to the services of a sole proprietor.  The workplace can provide tools, safety, and collaboration to enable a community of workers to thrive together.  The business can provide training in health and safety, while also imparting technical skills to make a worker more marketable.  We envision the workplace as a tool for restoring dignity and community.

Our Logo has an industrial feel, by design.  We expect that most products required by an impoverished community will tend toward being utilitarian.  Matching the design with local needs and resources will empower economic thriving from the bottom, where the more urgent needs are best met by practical and affordable solutions.